Our highest value is providing an exceptional experience to ALL our clients. We don’t want you to just feel “satisfied” after a personal training session with us – we want you to feel ELATED! This is why we hold ourselves to a standard of OVER-DELIVERING on all fronts – From the phone call, to the service, to the results. We genuinely care about your well-being and health. It’s our passion. We couldn’t spend a day doing anything else. This is what makes us tick.  And that’s how you know we are going to go above, beyond, and a few feet extra to ensure you have THE BEST personal training experience in Houston. We understand that as a consumer you have many option to pick for when it comes to personal training. We respect your business. This is why we hold ourselves to complete excellence in our service and customer satisfaction. So don’t wait! Become a part of the thousands of clients we have served that beam nothing but smiles! And check out our blog if you like the way we write. We’ve got loads of articles on all things fitness!

Houston Personal Training Background

We’ve been in the personal training industry for TWENTY THREE Years. Our purpose is to give no bullshit advice to anyone who will listen – on not only reaching our fitness goals, but also living a stress-free lifestyle, waking up every day with purpose and conquering our deepest fears. ​ We believe that the quest to obtaining a healthy and jaw-dropping physique should be an enjoyable process, not a draining experience that leaves your energy reserves depleted. By focusing on a few key fundamentals, we can achieve the body of our dreams while spending minimal time in the gym. Fitness should be a complement to our lives, not the primary focus. Come join us on this journey. We aren’t here to merely survive, we’re here to THRIVE. Let’s do it!

Current Services Offered

Weight Loss – One on One (Intermediate) Build Muscle – One on One (Advanced) Increase Flexibility and Get limber – One on One (Beginner) Body Pump – Aerobic and Anaerobic – Group Training


Prices can range from $50/session to upwards of $80/session depending on the package selected. When you give us a call, we will go over EXACTLY all the different pricing options we have. Our highest priority is doing right by our clients. We will ALWAYS present you with a pricing option that’s fit for YOUR needs. Not what puts the most money in our pocket. No hidden fees. Ever. Call Today and book your free health and fitness consultation!