Build ROCK HARD Muscle without ANY Fat Gain!

Alright look. The knowledge behind building muscle is REALLY simple. But pushing yourself in the gym, making sure your nutrition is on point, sleep quality, and other lifestyle changes are not.

That’s where we come in. We have been helping clients build muscle for more than twenty three years. We’ve taken so called “hard gainers” and put 20 pounds of lean muscle on them within a year. So if you thought you just didn’t have the “genetics” for it you probably aren’t doing some simple things correctly.

Building muscle revolves around hypertrophy training with some maximal strength training built in with a combination of high volume training for specific muscle groups that respond to sarcoplasmic growth. Now if that sounds like rocket science to you, we get it. We break all this down in when we’re on the floor with you. But all you need to know is that it’s handled by us.

A lot of times, clients are doing everything right in the gym, but are lacking on what they’re NOT doing outside of it. You have to eat the right amount of calories with the right amount of macro-nutrients (Proteins, fats, and carbs) – We talked some basic nutrition strategies for muscle building in our nutrition section on the home page. Check that out. But here are some more details.

A lot of people OVEREAT because they think they’re in a “muscle building phase” or “bulking” phase. A pound of muscle is equivalent to roughly 2500 calories and most people can only put on about a pound of muscle a month. So roughly, a 1/4 lb of muscle a week. That literally means that all you need to eat is 2500/4 calories or 625 calories extra per week. That’s less than 100 calories over maintenance that you need to consume to maximize your muscle building potential.

The key is to figure out that sweet spot for yourself so you’re building “lean muscle” as opposed to muscle AND fat in equal proportions. If you overeat, ofcourse you’re going to put on piles of body fat along with the muscle – Making you look arguably worse than had you done nothing at all. Then the focus becomes on losing fat and you do THAT wrong which withers away at the muscle that you put on in the first place putting you back to square one.

So take the guesswork OUT of muscle building. Give the best personal trainers in Houston a test drive. We promise you’ll beam nothing but smiles when you see that rock hard chiseled physique in the mirror!

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