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How does the weight loss program work? Let’s be honest here – Weight loss comes down to one thing and one thing only – Being in a caloric deficit. There are numerous scientific basis for this claim not to mention the fact that common sense tells you that if you eat less than you move – you will end up losing weight. 

Here is the key difference with what you get with a personal trainer at HPT – Houston Personal Training versus other trainers. We help you lose FAT, not just weight. When you lose weight – that could mean a lot of things, water, glycogen, lean mass, visceral fat, etc. We are only interested in dropping fat, and maintaining or even building muscle while we are in a caloric deficit. In order to do this correctly, we must train using compound movements that elicit the largest hormonal release and stresses the big muscle groups so our bodies know that we are using our muscle on a daily basis preventing it from withering away.

We arm all our clients in this program with a spreadsheet to track their nutrition to ensure they are hitting their protein, fat, and carb numbers for the day. We talk about possible issues in order to hit these numbers. Our job is to ensure that the diet we outline is sustainable and not something that is temporary. We advocate flexible dieting (to an extent) – yes this means that you can enjoy certain desserts and sweets as long as they are accounted for in your calories. Our personal trainers know the importance of the right diet and work with our clients to ensure that they are satisfied and not go to bed hungry every night. It’s important to be in a moderate calorie deficit, nothing too extreme – which is a common theme among  many people, especially woman who are trying to lose weight quickly. They end up going on starvation diets which ultimately make them lose not just fat, but also muscle. This wreaks havoc on their hormonal system and shuts down their metabolism and they end up looking even worse than they started. This is why it’s important to eat at the right deficit.

The workout routines are kept simple yet effective. For our weight loss program, we focus the first few exercises on heavy resistance training  and transition to metabolic conditioning exercises to help us burn extra calories to ensure that we are in a calorie deficit. The exercises normally utilize reverse pyramid training. This is a style of training where the first set is the highest weight (This is done in order to recruit the maximum amount of motor neurons), followed by subsequent lighter sets (Usually 3 but up to 5 depending on the fitness of the client). The first set is kept between the 4 to 6 rep range followed by 6 to 8 reps for the second and third sets and 8 to 12 reps for the fourth and fifth sets. This style of training elicits maximal stress on our muscles compared to the traditional constant repetitions sets.

When this style of training is combined with proper nutrition, fat loss WILL result. Our personal trainers are here to make sure that not only do you get results, but that you enjoy the process as well. Call Today!

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