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Houston Personal Training is your number one source for affordable fitness and personal training in the Houston area! We are here to help you invest in the one thing that will keep paying dividends throughout your life – your health, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

​Our programs cater to YOUR needs. Need to drop down 4 inches off your waist? We got you covered. Want to grow your biceps 3 inches? We can help. Want to increase your flexibility and loosen up those tight hamstrings? Easy. Our programs are designed with the customer in mind – you tell us your goal and we will find a custom exercise and nutrition program to fit your needs.

Let me ask you this – How many people have you seen at your health club or gym that are there year after year but look the same or even worse as time passes? That answer is probably well over the majority. Let’s make sure you don’t fall into the same pattern and spin your wheels endlessly with lackluster workouts and inconsistent nutrition that give you a good pump but do nothing for you in the long run.

​It’s time to take the guess work out of your routine and leave it into the hands of the professionals. Our personal trainers are NASM certified and have been training for decades. They know exactly what you’re going through because they have seen it all before. So don’t put this burden on yourself – Use our trainers instead.

​We offer a no hassle free health and fitness consultation. The fitness consultation will let us assess your current progress, any movement dysfunctions you might have, your current measurements, and how to best cater a program to suit your goals – whether its to drop twenty pounds or put on slabs of lean muscle – we have a solution for you! We offer this service completely complimentary as a way of rewarding you for taking the first step on your fitness journey to a better YOU! Find out yourself why we’re the number one fitness company in Houston!
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– Gym Schedule Design
– Nutrition Basics
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Many people want to  drop a couple pant sizes and have a flat stomach. We can help. We specialize in specific routines that will improve your metabolic conditioning, cardio-respiratory fitness, and elevate your heart rate to speed up the caloric burn needed to lose weight and show wash-board abs.

Want to build a solid muscular foundation and elevate your strength? We can help. To accomplish this goal, our training programs progress moderate volumes to force muscles to regenerate their cellular makeup and grow. We take you through hypertrophy training in this phase to elicit the adaptations needed to grow hard dense muscle.

Want to hike to Mount Kilimanjaro? Join our Limber Program – Increasing flexibility and cardio-respiratory fitness is the cornerstone of this program. We use self – mysofascial release through foam rolling the right muscles along with pushing your cardio respiratory fitness at the correct target heart rate o increase your aerobic endurance.

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We are here to make sure that you get results. If progress is not being made, we will sit down and discuss what roadblocks are causing you to stall and get to the root of the issue. We give you a time-frame of what to expect. We’re not here to give you unrealistic expectations. If you have 40 pounds or more to lose, it may very well take you 6 months or more depending on your commitment to our program. We’re not here for quick fixes. We’re here to give you a proper blue-print for a sustainable exercise and diet program you can follow for the rest of your life!

Honestly, there’s no substitute for being in the business for as long as we have. We have been in the personal training industry for 23 years for a reason. We’ve had recurring customers throughout our journey because they have seen results and want to make sure they continue seeing them! We have seen it all before – from helping clients lose more than 100 pounds to putting on 25 lbs of lean muscle on men who didn’t think their “hormones” would allow them experience anything like that. Contact us today!

Just another thing that separates us from the always in a rush, bumbling through one client after the next personal trainers here in Houston. The way, we look at it – if we can’t manage our time with our client’s, how are we supposed to manage their exercise routine and get them results. Our standard is ALWAYS to start 5 minutes early – That we are in full swing sooner and end earlier so we can give the right amount of time and focus that the next client deserves. So if your session is at 7 PM with us. We WILL be ready waiting for you by 6:55…with a big fat smile on our face of-course!

If you want an experience that goes beyond an exercise routine,  Houston Personal Training is the place for you!


Desk Job Remedy
Sitting at your desk: This is probably the most common type of dysfunction amongst Americans – This will cause stress on the upper back (Trapezius muscle) along with low back pain and hamstring tightness. Your glutes and core remain inactive as they are not in contraction due to long bouts of sitting. This leaves them vulnerable to strains and pulls.

A good rule of thumb is to stand for 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of standing to avoid the degradation of valuable muscle tissue while sitting. What I do is go on walks of about 5-10 minutes long for every hour of work that I do on the computer. I will also stretch whenever I feel some tightness on my traps. Just make sure you’re doing SOMETHING. Sitting in a desk for a full 8 hours is not optimal for our health. We are meant to move. Not sit.


I’m sure we’ve heard of all the clichés around nutrition advice such as “Abs are made in the kitchen” and “You can’t out-train a bad diet” and there’s a reason for that. They are in fact with a few exceptions completely correct.

Whether you are training or not, everyone can benefit from improving their diet. That being said – if you’re going to take the time to get your diet in check, you might as well reap the rewards of also following through on a proper exercise regiment. Proper nutrition practices take time and effort to master. You must understand how your body responds to certain foods, which foods fill you up most and which you should avoid. We help you take control of your nutrition through flexible dieting solutions and a practical mindset.

At the end of the day, no matter how great your programming (Exercise and training routine) – If you’re not getting the right amount of protein, fats, and carbs – You’re not going to see any results in the mirror.
If you’re trying to lose fat – aim for a 10-20% calorie deficit. Sounds complicated? It’s not. Here’s a simple formula for calculating an ideal calorie deficit.

Take your body weight in pounds and multiply it by 15. 
(For a 170lb male, that would be 170 X 15 = 2550) – This is your maintenance calories. What does that mean? It’s simple – That’s the number of calories that you would have to eat in order to maintain your current weight. Now keep in mind that is an estimate but it works as a great starting point.

Now multiply this number by .9 for a small calorie deficit and .8 for a large calorie deficit.
2550 X .8 = 2040
2550 X .9 = 2295

So you should be consuming between 2040 and 2295 calories per day depending on how you feel on a diet. If you’re able to handle larger deficits and feel energetic throughout the day, go ahead and try out the larger calorie deficit. If you start feeling low energy and have mood swings it’s probably best to start out with a smaller deficit and increase as your body adapts to the new diet.

If you’re trying to gain muscle, shoot for a very modest caloric surplus. At the high end, most males can only gain about 2 lb of lean mass per month and 1lb of lean mass per month on the low side. As muscle is approximately 2500 calories. Depending on your genetics, you probably fall somewhere in the middle.

Let’s take an example of an individual who can gain 2lbs of muscle per month. This means he can gain .5lbs of muscle per week. This amounts to 5000 (2lbs of muscle)/4 = 1250 calories.
We divide this number by 7 to get the amount of caloric surplus we should be eating per day. 1250/7 = 180 calories. Per Day.
This number will be cut in half for an individual that can only gain about 1lb of muscle a month. So we take 180 calories and divide by 2 = 90 calories. That’s right. That individual would only need 90 calories (Less than a banana) to put on the maximum amount of muscle his body will allow!

If you enjoyed  this quick overview on nutrition or just like the way we communicate, be sure to check our regularly updated FITNESS BLOG!